Brown Paper Bag Blog

Let’s talk brown paper bags. Whilst we would always suggest you invest in a bag for life, a hessian bag or a fancy fashion tote bag to match your outfit; brown paper bags are the next best alternative to plastic.


They are able to decompose more quickly and when they do they don’t leak toxic chemicals back into our air, soil or waterways, and if given the right environmental conditions the decomposing waste does not release methane gas into the atmosphere either (Source:


But, we think there’s an even better way to green up our brown paper bags – use them, reuse them and reuse them again!We’ve trawled the www to find some great ideas for reusing your Crieff Food Co brown paper bag.



Collect the leaves


It’s Autumn time and we all know how many leaves end up in our garden that need swept, scraped up and collected.. So why not use your brown paper bags to do it!



Prevent weeds


Place plain (no dye) paper bags on the soil around your plants before covering with compost or mulch. It adds an extra layer of weed protection for your plants.


Use them for compost


Collect your kitchen scraps and other compost items in a paper bag and then when it’s time to compost, dump out the food scraps and then tear up the bag to go directly into the compost pile.



Collect recycling


Toss your old magazines, newspapers and junk mail right into a brown paper bag. The entire parcel can then be recycled. Easy peasy!


Ripen produce


We love this one. It’s a tip that’s been around for years but it is a good one! Storing unripe fruit in brown paper bags traps the ethylene that it makes. This gas will help ripen your fruit quicker.


Prop up boots


Roll-up paper bags and stand them inside your slouchy boots for a quick and free way to keep them in shape.


Moving or travelling containers


Load up your paper bags with clothes, blankets, towels and more to make moving easier or to pack in the car for trips. And you can wedge scrunched up bags around breakables to keep them safe.




Cut large paper bags into rectangles – measure 12” x 18”. Decorate with any design you can imagine. Get the kids involved!


Place settings


Entertaining? Whip up some of these beautiful place settings from Kim Six Fix. What an economical way to make your dining table stunning! Oh and remember to keep some of those leaves you’ve collected for the finishing touches.



Cover books


Cut and tape paper bags to cover and protect your favourite books. They’re also great to protect kids’ school books from damage (do they still get school books?).


Kid’s art activities


You can use paper bags to make masks for Halloween or play time. Just cut out the eye and mouth holes and let them draw their funny faces!



Halloween haul!


Our large paper bags are perfect for kids to reap the rewards of their guising entertainment!


Autumn vibes


If, like us, you love the tones, the smell and the feel of Autumn, then why not celebrate the season with this beautiful door wreath. It’s super easy to make and can be used for years to come.



Kiddies Kites


Design your very own kites with our large paper bags, some dowling rods, glue, paint and string. Simple!


Protect your table


With all this crafting you’re going to want to make sure your kitchen table doesn’t get covered in glue and glitter. Spread a bag or two under your craft projects to make it super easy to clean up.




Decorate, gift, pack, wrap and tag


Keep an eye on our social channels for more on how to use your bags to make Christmas crafty and to get involved in making The Crieff Food Co Christmas extra special this year.



If none of these ideas float your boat try these!


Donate them


Schools, nurseries and playgroups would love to have a bunch of bags to try out some of these creative ideas with the kids.


Recycle them


And if all else fails, please remember to put your brown paper bags in the recycling bin.