May updates – New Cafe Menu, SodaStreams, Eat What You Want Day, World Cocktail Day

They say ne’er cast a clout till May is out but it’s been remarkably good weather this month and we’ve also been feeling all sunny and energised at the Crieff Food Co, launching a new cafe menu, adding SodaStreams to our portfolio of products…then there was Eat What You Want Day, and World Cocktail Day!


New Cafe Menu at The Crieff Food Co


Our new Crieff Food Co café menu has landed – including a scrumptious Ploughman’s Lunch. Head down to our café to see what other tasty surprises we have for you!

SodaStreams at The Crieff Food Co

We love putting a bit of fizz into your life and so we’re over the moon to have a range of SodaStreams available at The Crieff Food Co – so just you pop into the Food Hall to find out more! You can also exchange and recycle empty canisters with us too –  which saves you going off to Perth or even farther afield!

Eat What You Want Day at The Crieff Food Co


Chips and ice cream. Broccoli and chocolate. This is what May 12th’s Eat What You Want Day is all about. Pure indulgence and not being shackled by convention. We’re all bombarded daily with messages about what we should and shouldn’t eat, and so we hold our hands up to the fact that we encouraged you all to take a day off from all this and say ‘carbs before Marbs and to heck with it!’


World Cocktail Day at The Crieff Food Co


May 13th was World Cocktail Day and we took the opportunity to remind you all about our lovely pre-mixed Braw Liquor Club bottles!

Here’s what our friends at BLC say about their products:

‘Braw Liquor Club is locally sourced, small-batch cocktails. Expertly crafted with premium Scottish ingredients. Created by Lizzie, born on Bute. For good times, with people you love. BLC is on a mission to make cocktails better without cutting corners on quality, using Scottish ingredients from land and sea, sourced with transparency. Our drinks are a contemporary twist on old classics.

‘At our core we want to champion good times, caring for the environment and kindness.

‘Our products are created with Scottish natural ingredients that pack a braw punch. This means the best ingredients, no weird stuff, sustainably sourced packaging, and contributions to mental health charities helping others. Braw Liquor Club has a depth of flavour, character, and born out of lockdown is a ticket back to carefree times with friends.’