Nae Bother Suppers

We have just launched our “Nae Bother” range of restaurant quality frozen suppers.  Made from locally sourced ingredients our meals are all made in small batches from our own kitchen at The Crieff Food Company.  All you have to do is pop into our Food Hall and caste your eyes over the full range of 15 delicious suppers.

Cosy Cottage Pie

Finest minced beef and vegetables in a succulent home-made gravy, smothered in mashed potato.


Thai-rific Green Curry

Tender chunks of locally-sourced chicken breast with our blend of rich, aromatic Thai spices.

Lasagne El Classico

Finest Minced Beef, seasoned and layered with pasta and our special creamy cheese sauce.

Fabulous Fish Pie

Flakes of salmon & haddock in a tasty white sauce, topped with mashed potato.

Oh-so-sweet chilli and soy chicken

Tender breasts of locally-sourced chicken marinated in our top secret sweet chilli and soy sauce.


Spinach, sweet potatoes and Indian spices, folded into crunchy filo pastry parcels.  Suitable for vegetarians.

Champion Cheesy Chicken

Succulent chicken breasts stuffed with mozzarella, cheddar and wholegrain mustard.

Marvellous Meatballs

Succulent, handmade pork meatballs in a rich Italian sauce, blended with sundries tomatoes.

Must-have pork and mustard

Roasted pork loin with a mustard, sage and onion topping.

Magical Malay Curry

Slow-braised beef, marinated with a blend of Malaysian spices.

Vibrant Veggie Lasagne

Slow-roasted vegetables layered with pasta and our special creamy cheese sauce.  Suitable for vegetarians.

Tasty Tagine

Tender chunks of lamb marinated in our blend of Moroccan spices.

Legendary Lamb Curry

Our very special “home style” lamb curry – a true taste of India.

Delicious Fresh Soups

A selection of fresh soups, a tasty light bite or an easy starter.

Fantastic Fish Cakes