Sustainability at the Crieff Food Co

The Crieff Food Co. team are committed to doing all we can when it comes to sustainability.


We are continuously looking at how to tackle the reduction of plastic packaging in store.


As well as our broad range of loose fruit, veg, bread, butchery and deli products we have our Unpackaged section. This is a zero-waste, no packaging, low plastic, bulk refill solution where our customers can scoop up their favourite products from a range of dry goods.


Waste reduction is another of our obsessions, and we have been working really hard to reduce our food waste in the last year by over 50%.


We reward our customers for bringing their refillable cups in for their hot drinks by giving them 10% off when they do.


These are just some of the great initiatives we are proud to support at The Crieff Food Co.  This year we are pushing our commitment even further by becoming part of the Green Tourism independent green certification programme. Green Tourism promotes greener ways for businesses and organisations to operate:


💚 Reducing energy use
💚 Saving water
💚 Efficient & eco-friendly waste disposal
💚 Ethical buying
💚 Staying local & seasonal
💚 Minimising food miles
💚 Promoting biodiversity
💚 Adopting a smart, sustainable outlook from top to bottom


We’ll keep you posted as we continue to drive our commitment to sustainability even harder.